Welcome to my academic homepage! Here you can find all the latest updates about my current and on-going work, as well as links to all existing publications, works in progress and teaching materials. In general, my broader primary research interests are related to:

  • Social Data Science
  • Social Inequality, Mobility and Stratification
  • Sociological\Econometric Methodology
  • Civic Technology
  • Scientometrics

With many thanks to some truly excellent co-authors, my work has recently been published in: Nature Genetics, the new Nature sub-journal Communications Biology, the American Sociological Review, Nature Human Behaviour, the International Journal of Population Data Science, Kyklos, the Journal of Housing Economics and Computational Economics.

I currently teach Replication and Transparency in Open Social Science (a replication project and accompanying discussion group), and Python for Sociologists, both in Michaelmas Term. I have previously taught Econometrics with Financial Applications, An Introduction to Econometric Software, and have given guest lectures and workshops on An Introduction to the Command Line and Machine Learning for Social Scientists. I also supervise postgraduate dissertations on the topics of time series and spatial econometrics, machine learning and quantitative sociology. Im also co-convening Oxford SICSS 2020.

Last updated: 10th March, 2020.