A Short Introduction to LaTeX: or LaTeX in 105 minutes

Postgraduate course, Oxford Berlin Summer School, 2021

This session teaches our first adventures into LaTeX, otherwise known as a session entitled ‘A short Introduction to LaTeX: or LaTeX in 105 minutes’, originally for the 4th edition of the Oxford Berlin summer school on Open Research taking place online on 20-23 September 2021 (Oxford Berlin). It’s delivered as a combination of a more typical lecture style and a live-coding workshop, with short pauses for you to try and implement things as we go. Depending on the number of participants, we might split into groups of two and undertake ‘pair-programming’ for the exercises. The entire workshop is contained within the .tex document, and also acts as a very short reference manual/cheat-sheet. This represents a capacity building exercise; not to teach \textit{everything} about \LaTeX{}, but to empower how to become an expert typesetter in your own time. Workshop materials available here.